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Community Animal Health Workers training - Lao-PDR and Myanmar

CAHWs (Myanmar) and Village Veterinary Workers (VVWs in Lao PDR) are the first persons to suspect an infectious disease such as PPR, FMD, HPAI, Classical Swine Fever (CSF). They act as eyes and ears for disease surveillance and local response.

Contracted by Massey University - New Zealand and with Joanna MacKenzie (consultant) we trained 'Leaders' of the Myanmar and Lao-PDR veterinary services to train CAHWs and VVWs about FMD prevention and control in August 2017. This training is part of the larger FMD-project implemented by the Southeast Asia office of the OIE.

Follow-up was given to the Laotian Leaders when they cascaded the training down to VVWs in Savannakhet in October 2017. For the Myanmar cascade training, the Leaders are finishing the newly written CAHW manual.

An example of a project in which expected outcomes are truly met and beyond.

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