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Animal Health Works founder, Mr. Chris Bartels

I strongly believe that improving animal health is a shared responsibility of both public and private stakeholders. It requires partnerships between private and public veterinary services, livestock owners, traders, retailers and regulators.


I am converting the concept of Progressive Control Pathway for Foot-and-Mouth disease (PCP-FMD) into practical steps and continuously developing additional tools for its application. My work experiences extend to FMD-endemic countries in Asia and Africa.

Additionally, consultancies involve disease control management for other endemic and emerging infections such as Tuberculosis, Brucellosis, HPAI, PRRS and Salmonellosis. The principles of PCP are again very helpful to develop tools and strategies as it acknowledges limited resources and thus ask to prioritize based on risks assessed.

In recent years, I am integrating e-learning (webinars, online-training, e-modules) with workshops and training on-location. Concurrently, I apply the assumptions and principles of adult-learning (andragogy) to safeguard participants' involvement and motivation to change.

My veterinary and epidemiological skills are tools to support strategy development, implementation and evaluation of disease-control programs. I am critically aware that technical competencies require strong communication and facilitation skills. I feel privalized to be trusted to advise on the necessary changes in the way national veterinary services are organised and managed. 


I am hired by the United Nations (UN), the International Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), the European Union (EU), consortia and by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).



Partners and contractors


The European Commission for the Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease

Commission of FAO

Rome - Italy

Dutch Committee for Afghanistan - Veterinary Programmes
DKabul - Afghanistan
Lelystad - The Netherlands 
Bilthoven - The Netherlands

FAO of the UN.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Agriculture and Consumer Protection Department.

Animal production and health  (AGAH)

Rome - Italy

Massay University
EpiCentre - IVABS
Palmerston-North, New Zealand
Bergen op Zoom - The Netherlands

World Organisation for Animal Health

Headquarters Paris - France

Subregional representation for Southeast Asia - Bangkok - Thailand

Agronomes and Veterinaires sans Frontieres
Lyon - France
GD Animal Health
Deventer - The Netherlands

Southeast Asia and China Foot-and-Mouth Disease Campaign

Regional representation Southeast Asia - Bangkok

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
California - USA
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