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DISEASE CONTROL MANAGEMENT: Disease control management, Public health and food safety, FMD expertise

Animal Health Works provides consultancies in the fields of:

  • Disease control management:

    • Value-chain analysis and epidemiologic understanding of the disease to support risk analysis of an endemic infection

    • Stakeholder identification and consultation to safeguard support and uptake by livestock owners

    • Option appraisal of control measures using animal health economics tools

  • Foot-and-Mouth disease and other infectious animal diseases

  • Sampling, epidemiologic investigation (routine and advanced) and impact analysis

  • Veterinary Para-professionals and Community Animal Health Workers​

  • Institutionalization of VPPs and CAHWs

  • Monitoring and Evaluation of (often private) ​basic animal health services 

  • Establishing accreditation systems

  • Public health and food safety:

    • Zoonoses and food-borne diseases

Projects and activities

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