Follow-up Training on Outbreak Investigation in Mongolia

In April 2018, the training of trainers on outbreak investigation was followed-up with two times one week of supervision. Animal Health Works participated in real-time outbreak investigation trainings in Khenti (East) and Orkhon (Central) for Aimag and Soum veterinarians. The trainers were monitored and evaluated daily while additional suggestions were made to safeguard that training was fully adapted to the Mongolian situation. The training included two days of field work bo

Community Animal Health Workers training - Lao-PDR and Myanmar

CAHWs (Myanmar) and Village Veterinary Workers (VVWs in Lao PDR) are the first persons to suspect an infectious disease such as PPR, FMD, HPAI, Classical Swine Fever (CSF). They act as eyes and ears for disease surveillance and local response. Contracted by Massey University - New Zealand and with Joanna MacKenzie (consultant) we trained 'Leaders' of the Myanmar and Lao-PDR veterinary services to train CAHWs and VVWs about FMD prevention and control in August 2017. This train

Webinar on disease outbreak investigation

Last Tuesday, as part of EuFMD's work in West Eurasia, I conducted a webinar on Foot-and-Mouth Disease outbreak investigation for an endemic situation. Key point is to consider an outbreak investigation as THE opportunity to learn about the virus AND the disease. So, there is a lot more than to just take a FMD sample and run, really there is SO MUCH MORE to it. If interested, the webinar is available with EuFMD's e-learning site (

TAIEX Outbreak investigation, Egypt

Earlier this week, 29 and 30 Sept 14, for a 2-days workshop to Cairo, Egypt on outbreak investigation for FMD. For 50 participants (from central and governorate level) a first day on FMD clinical signs, ageing of lesions, principles of epidemiologic investigation and the need for biosecurity. On the second day, a field trip to a nearby village to sample and investigate a local outbreak. Unfortunately, there was just one outbreak notified thus 50+ people for investigating a si