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TAIEX Outbreak investigation, Egypt

Earlier this week, 29 and 30 Sept 14, for a 2-days workshop to Cairo, Egypt on outbreak investigation for FMD.

For 50 participants (from central and governorate level) a first day on FMD clinical signs, ageing of lesions, principles of epidemiologic investigation and the need for biosecurity.

On the second day, a field trip to a nearby village to sample and investigate a local outbreak. Unfortunately, there was just one outbreak notified thus 50+ people for investigating a single household with 12 livestock was too much.

Upon return to the meeting room in the afternoon, there was still energy to have some lively discussions on need for Standard Operating Procedures, TOT and materials for raising awareness with the local community.

All in all, very well received by the General Office of the Veterinary Services in Cairo (GOVS) and we are going to look into a follow-up workshop

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