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Regional workshop on Post-vaccination Monitoring for FMD - Amman, Jordan

This workshop was the second tier in an approach of three tiers to support countries to conduct post-vaccination monitoring.

In April 2018, participants had followed an online-training on post-vaccination monitoring consisting of 6 modules based on the FAO/OIE guidelines on Post-vaccination Monitoring (PVM).

Participants were from Jordan, Palestine, Sudan, Libya and Lebanon.

The specific objectives of this regional meeting were:

a. To revise the content of the online-training by making use of different scenarios

b. To share experiences and information on current approaches to FMD vaccination and PVM

c. To agree on approaches and procedures to FMD vaccination and PVM in the participating countries

d. To strengthen regional networking on FMD vaccination and PVM

By integrating different approaches of knowledge transfer, regional networking and sharing of information and experience, it is foreseen that the capacity building on this aspect of M&E is sustainable both in the particular countries as well as in the region.

Participants from 5 countries sharing and discussing current and future plans for post-vaccination monitoring

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