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Real-time training course on FMD

AHW was involved in the 22nd real-time training course on FMD, organised by EuFMD. Participants from Europe (Sweden, UK, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece), Asia (Azarbaijan), Africa (Angola, Kenya, Zimbabwe) and USA came to Nakuru, Kenya to learn, investigate, sample and understand FMD and FMD virus. EuFMD is conducting these training courses in Kenya and Nepal and AHW was present to share its experience from working in Nepal previously.

Participants developed alternative biosecurity procedures for both FMD-free and FMD endemic situations. Additionally, the need for local communications plans, involving the private sector (private vets, inseminators, milk collectors, etc) were discussed and will be followed-up in subsequent RT trainings. For more information on these RT-courses, contact EuFMD at

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