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Recording of PCP e-learning at RVC

Have worked very hard to get a set of modules on "What means PCP-FMD?" and "What involves PCP-FMD?" ready. Content and flow is now ready, final conversion into an E-learning fashion is planned for the months to come. Very exciting as the longer we work on it, the more opportunites for use and dissemination we consider. Later this year, we will further develop a series of modules on "How to conduct PCP-FMD?" starting for situations in which a country wants to move from PCP-FMD stage 1 to stage 2, thus having to develop a Risk-based Strategy Plan.

During last week of February 2015, an one-week retreat at the Royal Vet College, London to develop and record e-learning on PCP-FMD. Just needed that time to organise the many ideas around e-learning: what will be our target audience, what will e-learning add to the workshops and training EuFMD already provides, how to reach our audience? We hope to launch a first set of modules by end of April 2015. Many thanks to all colleagues of the E-Media Department and the Distance Learning group.

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