Presenting AHW outputs at EuFMD Open Session 2018 and ISVEE 15

Both during the EuFMD Open Session at Puglia, Italy and ISVEE15 at Chiang Mai, Thailand, Animal Health Works contributed by presenting its approaches and outputs. This work was related to new approaches to PCP-FMD (Risk-based Strategy Plans for five priority diseases in the Palestinian Authority, Embedding progressive control for FMD in the policy agenda for livestock production in three countries in Southeast Asia) and the risk analysis study conducted for the OIE Subregiona

VIP project Second mission work package 2

A second mission to prepare for workshops in September conduced between 6 and 13 June. Many pig farms visited in Hanoi and HCM province. These are well organised, family-run farms, often with mixed species (cattle, fish, ducks) and supervised by feed integrations. #VIP #Vietnam #GDDeventer #Diseasemonitoring #Diseaseprioritisation