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PCP-FMD workshop 4 - Egypt

Between 19 and 23 April, the fourth workshop on the PCP-FMD with GOVS in Egypt. This week, we went over the draft of the risk-based strategic plan for FMD control.

All in all, a very well defined plan and an example of making use of the information and expertises available. During a field visit to a large beef-fattening farm in Fayoum governorate, we were able to discuss the outlines of revised FMD control with very knowledgeable livestock owners.

The hospitality of these farmers was beyond belief, actually as was their professionalism in beef-fattening. A good example of how one can start small, belief in one own's capacity and grow to be big.

Ended this week with the theme of ONE MIND - ONE VOICE. It is referring to how the RBSP was developed by one team of GOVS. For it to be rolled out, it will be important to speak with one voice.

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